Survival of the Fittest
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ive been running for a while now. ive been seeing changes slowly but surely. but what can i do with my stomach cause thats what really is my problem. what can i do to tone it down?


So “toning” is really kind of a fake word/non existent thing. What you want to be doing is A) stripping fat while B) building muscle. So keep running, I suggest interval training/HIIT or alternating speeds, but also lift weights. This will boost your metabolism by building lean muscle which will in turn strip fat. As for your tummy, unfortunately we can’t spot reduce, meaning if you are conditioned to lose weight from your face first, then your arms, then your tummy, you will. Once you start leaning out overall you will notice a difference though. Make sure you aren’t living a stressful lifestyle as stress is directly related to storing stomach fat, so get a good night’s sleep every night. Finally…. how is your diet? For a “toned” belly you should be eating healthy fats, lean proteins, low fat dairy and lots of veggies. Limit starchy foods and veggies and refined carbohydrates for faster results… and drink only water! X

Yeah it’s a dude but what a universal truth. 

Yeah it’s a dude but what a universal truth. 

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Hey what height are you and also what happened to the progress states? Thanks!!!


Hey! I am 5”4. Yesterday I deleted my progress stats amidst a fit of despair after 3 unsuccessful days of b/p and the worst of a depressive episode. I have started a paleo diet now to help me get back on track so when I get comfortable I will put them back up. It will be before the end of the month though. 

4, 7, 10, 13 :)


 4. Top 5 turn-offs:

  • Bad oral hygiene. Unbrushed or discoloured teeth, bad breath, smoker’s breath…. Yuck!
  • Dressing metro. Think hair gel, V-necks, white shoes, dress shoes, ridiculous poses in photos.  Basically taking themselves too seriously.
  • Not being able to hold a conversation.
  • Someone that goes clubbing too much.
  • No goals or aspirations.

Top 5 Turn-ons:

  •  A guy that takes care of himself – watches what he eats and works out!   
  • A guy that’s good to his parents, siblings and pets.
  • Smelling good!
  • Is educated and has goals and aspirations. 
  •  Well liked and respected.

7. Top 5 blogs on Tumblr
I can’t really pick a top 5, because I follow so many people, and mostly being Fitblrs, they all tend to blur into one another into an endless stream of reblogs! But the qualities I like in a blog include Fitblrs who have heaps of pages with tips, motivation, personal stories, inspiration, etc.

10. Story of my last kiss
Would be when my boyfriend dropped me home the other night, just saying goodbye!

10 Facts about me

  •  Yesterday I decided to drop out of uni. I have no idea what I want to do with my life anymore after years of working towards a particular goal.
  • I recently turned 21.
  • I visited a psychic late last year and so far, three things she said have come true.
  • I get very jealous of other girls.
  • I could spend whole days just walking around art or history museums by myself. 
  • I find it difficult to make decisions and have a tendency to “over commit and quit”
  • Most of my friends are boys. I wish I had close girl friends.
  • I often stay up late for no reason – Anywhere from 1 to 3 am – purely because I feel as though if I go to bed, I will somehow be “wasting” the day. Currently working on this.
  • Take me shopping and I’ll mostly come back with bags of underwear, lingerie and shoes!
  •  Sometimes I secretly fantasise about being a stripper. Hahaha. 
Inbox the number. Go. 

Inbox the number. Go. 

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What is your typical breakfast?


I usually have a 40g sachet of traditional (plain) quick oats with water and a teaspoon of fibre mix, done in the microwave. If I have time I’ll pair this with a boiled egg or else add milk to get my protein in. If it’s the weekend or I’m sick of oats I might make a light omelet with 2 eggs, spinach, tomato, onion and chives or a poached egg on a piece of wholemeal bread. As you can see I love my breakfasts haha. 

Come MAY I will be 10 pounds down….. Fucking oath. 

Come MAY I will be 10 pounds down….. Fucking oath. 

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